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Friday, January 14, 2011

Going Too Fast

Today is a good day, today I feel accomplished. I recently wrote a ten page paper on Feminism and today I had to present it to the class. Usually I hate being the center of attention but I was able to talk for fifteen minutes straight on the topic without being nervous or awkward. I am 100% sure I got a really good grade. I guess really knowing your research and investing time into something instead of just throwing it together really pays off. (:

Also I started a fast yesterday. Usually I only fast for two day but I'm hoping to fast until Sunday night. I know my parents will force me to go out to dinner with them at this local chinese buffet. We always go on Sundays. I got off easy last week when then ordered a pizza instead and I only had to eat one slice. My sister who's only a yesr older has beeing trying to force me to eat. She keeps bringing cookies home from work or buying me things that look like they'd be like 1800 calories. Last night she bought me a blue slushie type drink from Dunkin Donuts and got mad at me when I put it in the fridge instead of drinking it.

I honestly think she doesn't want me to lose any weight. I've always been skinnier than her so it's hard to talk about what I don't like about myself or losing weight infront of her. If I call myself fat she thinks I'm implying that she's huge. Which isn't the case at all.
I feel motivated I know I can do this, I feel like I can do anything right now. (:

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