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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Oh dear

Maki and Asuka designers of Angelic Pretty

Yesterday was not a good day at all. I ate more than I should have and weighed myself 4 times yesterday. I ended up forcing myself to work out for two hours straight on top of the exercise I already did earlier in the day.

I also got into it with a lolita friend of mine. We were talking about brands and we got on the topic of Angelic Pretty and thier sizes. She made the comment,
"It should be called Anorexic Pretty."
 I just kind of laughed it off but she keeped it going. She then said,
"Like seriously it's so pathetic how all the girls starve themsevles to fit into it. It's like oh my good look at me I look so cute in my melty chocolate even though I'm afraid of food. Girls like that are just stupid."

Now I know she wasn't talking about me but I still got offended I kind of snapped.
I told her, "Just because you'll probably never fit into AP doesn't mean you should talk shit about the girls who can. I have more respect for those girls than I do for some one who sits on thier ass and would rather wallow in thier jealousy than do something about it."

 Needless to say she hung up on me and I haven't talked to her since. I don't know if I was right or wrong to say anything but I just had to. Ahh well hopefully today will be a better day.


  1. Um, starving yourself so you can fit into a dress IS STUPID.
    Honestly if you can't fit in a dress, but you really want to, then go on a balanced diet, with PROPER exercise.
    I've had friends with eating disorders before, it's not cool and they only ended up hurting, and in once case, killing themselves.
    It's not worth it for a piece of fabric.
    Also people who do not eat enough, and over exercise tend to have mood swings from not having the right amount of nutrients, I'm sure you don't want your friends to think you're being bitchy to them.

  2. Oh yes I'll just stop now because having an ED is a choice that I can just chose not to have. You missed the point darling it was her judgementness that pissed me off. Not all girls who wear angelic pretty are anorexic and most anorexic people are quite smart. Also I don't give a crap what my friends think it's about how I think of and see myself. It's not healthy but I can't help it it's a disorder not a choice. I apologize if a sound like a BITCH but you struck a nerve. Maybe you should try educating yourself before you try educating some one else.

  3. hey, don't worry about it.
    i get into these sorts of situations with my friends all the time, and eventually maturity finds its way into life and sorts everything out (sorry if that sounds rude! i mean it in the best way, like she'll get over the fact that she was wrong.)

    honestly, i'm really happy you told that to her. as i was reading your post i felt really disappointed that big lolitas have to be like that.
    i guess it's kind of biased because i can fit into AP but still :/

  4. I am a plus sized loli that barely fits in AP. Comments like that would make me mad too and honestly you did a LOT better than I would have. But sad to say people are like that.. I so envy people that can get in ALL AP comfortably but that is motivation! >D

  5. I agree Lolita has always been a form of motivation to me.