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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My little green love

That's right, lately I've been loving pickles. My mother always told me that pickle juice would make me sick if I drank it so I was pretty surprised to find out pickles and thier juice are actually pretty healthy to consume. It is only 5 calories for one pickle spear or 13 little sandwhich pickles. You could eat a whole large container of sandwhich pickles and still have consumed less calories than one slice of pizza.

Pickles make up a huge part of my diet. I sort of freaked out the other day when we ran out. Of course my mom being the some times awesome mother that she is went to the store later that night and picked up more along with a few other items. I feel lucky that I could eat pickles all day every day and never get sick of them.

10 calories of samdwhich pickles (26 slices) definitely fills me up more than 250 calories of pizza (1 slice). I hope reading this gives you some thing to think about next time you're standing infront of your refridgerator.


  1. ooh, i love pickles too :) they are great.

  2. Yum! Pickles are my favorite!! That & celery. <3