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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

ABC Diet Day 3

So I sleeped in until 1pm today, it was totally unplanned but extremely nice. I missed breakfest and lunch which was also pretty nice. I got a bit frustrated with a friend today. I feel like it's turning into a compitition between us and she's winning. She doesn't even have an ED she flat out told me she just wants to get skinny. So after her blowing up my phone and not leaving me alone I did something terrible and irresponsible. I sent her a link to the ABC diet and told her I'd be starting it soon. I figured that would get her off my back for a few days because she'd probably fail it quickly. Well I was wrong now she's up my ass more than ever and is losing more than me, great. Stupid stupid stupid. I blame myself I feel like I turned her into a wannarexic the day I came clean about my ED. It's not like I told her to do anything she's doing it all on her own. . .I feel bad.

Today I ate:
2 Stalks/Rows of Celery,
1 Sugar Free Cherry Jello Cup
1 Piece of chicken cooked ontop of the stove no oil or extra things.
Total Calories: 252
Calorie Limit: 300

I did:
60 minutes (1 hour) of Will Baseball
Calories Burned: 307

I currently weigh:
194 lbs.

Thats right, I didn't lose anything and I'm pretty pissed. I need to work out more I just hate doing boring exercises. I love the Wii because I don't get bored too easily with it but obviously I need to find some thing else to do ontop of using the Wii. Maybe I'll get into aerobics.

Eat less
Workout more.


  1. eating less won't help you lose weight.
    eating HEALTHY will.

    but i hope you progress nonetheless XD

  2. Thank you, I'm just following the diet. Tomorrow is 400 calories. It's pretty random.

  3. What is this ABC diet? It is killing me xD

  4. The ABC diet or Ana Boot Camp diet is a near starvation diet that uses random calorie amounts to trick your metabolism into not going into starvation mode. I don't recommend it because it's an unhealthy diet but if you chose to do it theres also a lot of exercising involved. Most people who do it lose 30 to 50 pounds. The diet is 50 days long. I'm sure you get much better info on it if you google it. I suck at explaining things.

  5. Ah okay. I did something like that back in highschool. Thanks :D
    And good lucks <3

  6. I tend to favor the elliptical machines... I have terrible legs, and I feel better when I use the fat burner setting. If I am not reading while on the elliptical then I usually burn around 500 cals in 45 minutes that way. it feels amazing.