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Monday, January 31, 2011

ABC Diet Day 8

Body Fat
I needed more than just thinspiration today. Doesn't body fat look completely disgusting? Makes me not want to eat anything. Last night was terrible but today was okay. (: I'm sort of avoiding my mom right now because she keeps trying to feed me. I need a sign that says "Do not feed the animals" or "Caution I bite." Maybe that'll get her to stop trying to push food on me.

Today I ate:
1 cup of dry Cheerios
1 Lean Cuisine meal: Basked Chicken and potatos
4 Dill Pickle spears
Total Calories: 370
Calorie Limit: 400

I did:
80 minutes of Wii Tennis'
30 Minutes of Wii Bowling
Calories Burned: 581

Ugh, I need to stop being lazy and exercise more. It sucks that the Wii is in the family room and every body is always using that TV. Bleh, I'll work harder tomorrow.

I currently weigh:
189 lbs.

I didn't lose any. ):  I think it's just water weight from my period. Guess we'll see in a few days.


  1. hey hun

    seen you on PT an thought i would follow your blog.

    how are you doing??

    you did great dont beat your self up over it you burned more calories then i did an that picture of body fat actually made me want to throw up haha


  2. I'm doing well today thank you and yourself? Thank you so much for following my blog. Ha I know body fat is so gross. I was going to eat 20 more calories but after seeing that I decided not too. (:

  3. That picture is really gross! xD

    My mum is like that too. At least it shows they care, but its annoying as hell.
    Hope you're having a good day. :)