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Monday, January 17, 2011

Got some s'plaining to do

For my non-Lolita followers:
 I'm sure my last post made you say "Wtf is lolita?" and I am here to answer that question. Lolita is a street fashion that started in Japan during the 80s. It focuses on looking modest and innocent. It was and in some sense still is a way of rebeling against the idea that the more skin you show the better you look. Lolita has evolved a lot since the 80s.

There are many different substyles of Lolita such as;
  • Gothic Lolita
  • Classic Lolita
  • Sweet Lolita
  • Punk Lolita
  • Pirate Lolita
  • OTT-Sweet Lolita
  • Goru Lolita
  • Shiro/Kuro Lolita
  • and few more.
For more information on Lolita please go to Hello Lace or The Lolita Handbook.

Now for my Lolita followers:
After reading a comment left on LJ I feel I should put a disclaimer up. Though I am plus sized I stuggle with an eating disorder. I didn't really want to come right out and say it on LJ because I've tried to keep that fact out of the lolita aspect of my life. I know it's hard for people to believe that some one who doesn't weigh 80lbs has an eating disorder but, it is possible. I only eat 600 calories a day, and if I eat more I freak out and make myself purge. Regardless of how much weight I've lost I still look in the mirror and hate every single thing about myself. I should have been straight forward on LJ and said I had an ED and that was my mistake. I apologize for misleading you, this blog is not about weight loss it's about my stuggle with my ED. Though lolita does and still will play a huge part in this blog. I mean it's a huge part of my life. If you chose to continue reading my blog please do not try to emulate me in any way. It isn't healthy or wise.

Thank you so much everyone for reading.


  1. I think that it is great that someone that ISN'T 90 pounds is writing about having an eating disorder. I hate the assumption that if you are super skinny means you are starving yourself and if you are plus sized means you are being a glutton. Neither is %100 correct and I hate when people think I starve myself when I simply just feel awkward about eating in public and honestly eat A LOT of food when I am at home.

  2. Never heard of Lolita Fashion it is soo nice =) Do you dress this way or just admire the fashion??

  3. MandaPlz: Thank you so much for understanding.

    ♥ Bree: I try to dress up in Lolita at least once a week but it's kind of difficult with school and other obligations.