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Friday, January 28, 2011

ABC Diet Day 5

Lolita Thinspiration (Mary Magdalene)
Today is not a good day, today is not a good day, today is not a good day.

I don't feel good today, I'm happy but my stomach hurts so badly. I'm pretty sure it's just cramps seeing is this is my usual monthly visit time. Sorry I know TMI. I know doing crunches is supposed to make cramps feel better but I wont. I feel like I'm dying, that's a bit dramatic but still- this shit hurts. My mom told me to eat a banana I looked at her like "FUUUUUU-do you not know what day it is?" Of course she doesn't know. This sucks big floppy whale penis. >>;

I ate/drank:
2 cups of coffee
.5 cup of dry Cheerios
Total Calories: 100
Calorie Limit: 100

I did:
Calories Burned: 0

I currently weigh:
192 lbs.

I wish I'd lose more weight per day but one pound is better than no pounds.
Alright my dears, I'm off to rip some peoples heads off. (: Hope you guys have a nice night. <3


  1. I know how you feel, I just got off mine. >.< I love your saying you have there XD I laughed really hard :D

    Today I was picking out jeans to wear and I ended up putting on some tight ones... I felt bad at first until they started to stretch out some. Though, they are still cutting into my belly. I want to wear Lolita but everything is packed up and ready for the move... makes me sad. >.<

    Don’t give up! Keep going and you will make it through it! I have faith in you! ^.^

  2. Thank you so much. (:
    Aww hopefully they get unpacked soon. What's your favorite brand?

  3. I really dont have a favorite just yet, since I haven't bought many. But I would love to own something, even if it was a bag (lol) from MMM. *sighs*

  4. You're doing great :D keep it up! I'd love to see how it works out.

  5. You're doing well. one day of no exercise won't kill you. trust me, because of being sick, I've had 5.