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Monday, January 24, 2011

ABC Diet Day 1

So today I started the ABC diet along with my friend Kerry. Speaking of Kerry, you guys should check out her blog it's really new but she writes some pretty great stuff. Here's the link. I will say this straight forward and I mean it, I DO NOT want comments about how this diet is unhealthy or I need to eat better. I am aware of all of that already so save your breath. I'm a big girl I do what I want if I wanted a lecture I'd go hang out with my parents.

Today I ate:
2 pieces of plain boneless chicken breast. No oil cooked ontop of the stove,
1 Stalk/Row of Celery.
Total Calories: 468
Calorie Limit: 500

I did:
40 minutes of general dancing
15 minutes of continueous sit-ups.
Calories Burned: 436
Though I'll probably do more and update this later.

I currently weigh, ah well you see I'm really ashamed of this but I'll be honest.
196 lbs.

That's it for the day, nothing good or bad happened I sleeped in late and was pretty bored for the rest of the day.


  1. Good luck, hope you go through with it and see some results (but don't get yourself sick... )
    I found that after I endure the first few days of low-calorie intake, my hunger level really drops and I feel fuller on smaller amounts of food.

  2. Thanks so much darling! That was so sweet of you to post a link to my blog! I will have to work a link to yours into my story soon! btw... in my most recent update, I mentioned a text convo, which I used but didn't quote exactly. I already cleared my messages by the time it occured to me to use it. lol!

  3. Well good luck with this! I think I may give it a try :D

  4. Meagan if you do give it a try and you need support feel free to hit me upp. (: