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Monday, February 7, 2011

ABC Diet Day 15

Cute Thinspiration
I didn't go to school today, I really don't feel well. My head's been hurting all day. Yesterday I went to the mall with Angel and we looked at prom dresses, I'm pretty excited. Anyways on to what really matters.

[2/7/11 4:26:06 PM] Kelly Lynn: alright
[2/7/11 4:26:09 PM] Kelly Lynn: so I know it’s a few days away
[2/7/11 4:26:17 PM] Kelly Lynn: but I was wondering
[2/7/11 4:26:22 PM] Nick Hill: here it comes
[2/7/11 4:26:23 PM] Kelly Lynn: if you wanted to be my valentine?
[2/7/11 4:26:27 PM] Nick Hill: YES!
No, not that. This-

I ate:
An Apple
Total Calories: 55
Calorie Limit: 250

I did:
Calories Burned: 0

I currently weigh:
186 lbs.

Wooooh. . .yeah I'm too tired to care right now. Have a nice day. <3

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