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Saturday, February 5, 2011

ABC Diet Day 12 & 13

I love what the girl is wearing in that picture. It's so cute ^^. Sorry for not updating yesterday. I went to school, then to the doctors, then came home and sleeped for a bizillion hours. I spent today hanging out with my sister. Which isn't really a good thing. She feeds me and throws a fit when I don't eat. Needless to say I'll be up until the wee hours of the night exercising. She took me shopping <3. She bought me a white sweater and under shirt and also this really cute blue skirt. Though I'm not happy the skirt is a size 14, Meh, oh well. I'm scared to look at the scale tomorrow. . .hopefully I didn't gain like 12 pounds.

What I ate over the course of two days:
Turkey on Wheat sandwhich
2 cups of Coffee
Dijon Chicken
1 cup Dry Cheerios
Total Calories:: 542
Calorie Limit: 600

I did:
2 minutes of Running
240 minutes (4 hours) Wii Tennis
120 minutes (2 hours) Wii Baseball
20 minutes of Sit Ups
Calories Burned: 2222

Oh my goodness how weird,

I currently weigh as of this morning
187 lbs.

I stayed within the calorie limits but I feel like I ate too much, ugh. I feel like I'll be 194 lbs tomorrow.


  1. Wow. That's an amazing amount of exercise. Good job <3

  2. Thanks I wanted to exercise until my arms fell off ha xD.