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Thursday, February 3, 2011

ABC Diet Day 11

Lena & Yulia (Tatu) Thinspo
Aren't they freaking adorable? I love their music so much. I've been a Tatu fan for many years. I went to school today, it was so much fun. I love my second semester classes. I seriously spent the whole day hanging out with my friends. Thank you senior electives. Ha xD.

I ate:
2 cups of Watermelon
2 cups of sugar free Cherry Jello
2 Dill pickle Spears
Total Calories: 147
Calorie Limit: 150

I did:
25 minutes of Running / Speed Ball
Calories Burned: 482

I currently weigh:
188 lbs.

OH YEAHHH <3 Lost a pound! It's a good day. Alright I'm off to read like 8 chapters of my MMM book and do other home work stuff.