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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

ABC Diet Day 9

Reverse Thinspo
Maybe I should have posted a picture of myself as reverse thinspo. I'm sure the girl in the picture (not me, just to clearify) is perfectly happy with herself. On the other hand, I am not. I have never been so disgusted with myself. I feel like a fat disgusting pig. I can smell the bacon my dad cooked himself for dinner how ironic, I'm an over cooked fucking porker. I don't even want to post this.

I ate:
1 cup of sugar free Cherry Jello
Total Calories: 10
Calorie Limit: 500

I did:
40 minutes of general dancing
120 minutes (2 hours) of Wii Tennis
Calories Burned: 942

I currently weight. . .ugh I don't want to say it. I feel like a disgrace.

. . .190 lbs.

I gained a pound. I have no clue how, maybe it's muscle I don't know. I feel disgusting.


  1. Have you done measurements since you started? Muscle actually weighs more than fat. Maybe you are just gaining muscle.

  2. I haven't done any measurements in a really long time actually. I think all I can do is hope that ir's muscle and work harder.

  3. hang in there! sometimes when I stay the same or gain a little while im restricting, it is followed by a big drop in weight after.

  4. I don't want to sound out of place by saying this and mean no disrespect.

    You want to know the best way to keep motivated outside of photos of either polar [skinny/heavier] is to find a measurement that is reasonable after taking your own and work towards that. I am doing that and it is working a lot more than if I used a weight because sometimes water weight is the culprit of a lot of weight "issues". The body holds 60%-80% water and if you can find a way to reduce how much your body holds and rid yourself of some of it and it will be easier to reduce the fat in the body in a health manner.

    [I so hope I didn't offend you ; A;]

  5. You definitely didn't offend me dear thank you for the advice. I'm more of a visual person and a thinspo junkie. I look at pictures and think "I want to look like that." or "I dont want to look like that." that's what really motivates me. (:

  6. That can be helpful in short term issues but take it one step at a time. Maybe get an outfit you like, take a photo in it and say, "I want this [area] to be a little less tight." then mark it with a red marker on the photo to show the area you want to work on and go for it! I was taught that it is a nicer way to build up self confidence as well as lose weight. :D
    I use to weight 232lbs and now down to 189lbs. It works a lot :3

  7. I'll definitely try that next I buy a new dress. I wonder if Meta has some out with anything awesome recently.