Without all our little ties we may fall apart

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

ABC Diet Day 17

I'm tired so I'll quickly sum up my day. Played with huge balls, got called a retarded cunt, said hi to everyone in my whole school, got called weird, lol'd about it at lunch with the homies, YEAH, Rapidash, people suck, feeling terrible, happy again, lololol Gov't class, Driver's Ed, 3 hours of homework, blogging and talking to him.

What I ate:
Calorie Limit: 0 (Fast)

What I did:
25 minutes of running / Speed Ball
Calories Burned: 477

I currently weigh:
184 lbs.

I don't care,
I'm not supposed to care about him and the girls he surrounds himself with

I'm supposed to be over him

but I do care
and I suck.


  1. You do sound really tired. I hope you get a good night's sleep <3