Without all our little ties we may fall apart

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

An update on life

It's been almost two months since I took a little vacation from the blog. So you may be wondering what's changed in my life and if not well I'm going to tell you anyway.

  • Nick and I got back together I believe a month and a half ago.
  • I lost my virginity
  • had a pregnancy scare
  • gained some weight ):
  • barely going to school (still)
  • I've decided I want to be a clown and a secretary
  • I'll be moving this summer
  • oh and I'm getting new glasses soon

That's about it really. Oh and todays a 400 day for the 2468 diet.
I've eated wheat toast with sugar free jelly, a cup of dry cheerios, and a pickle.

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