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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Big Fatty Fat Fat Gorilla

So a guy that Nick used to be friends with took a picture of him and I together and photoshopped a gorilla face over my face. Fucking lovely. I told Nick not to kick the kids ass because God would deal with it. I feel like if I didn't leave shit like this in God's hands I would have gone crazy by now.

Also, some one asked me if I knew what exercise was. . .
No please explain this weird new concept to me. You mean if I move around body get's smaller? What is this I don't even. They also told me I should join weight watchers lol okay fuck you.

I feel fat and disgusting. I was worried I'd go into nonstop binge mode but I'm doing okay right now. Tomorrow I plan to start a 3 day water fast as a way of getting all the food out of my system and starting over fresh.

I'm drinking water right now actually
wooooh water.

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  1. Hey! Sorry I've been MIA so much recently. I'm having serious phone issues, so I haven't been able to send you an update. I am so sorry about those idiots. People are stupid. Let me know next time you're starting a fast, because I definitely want to join. I'm starting a green tea fast soon, but i'm not sure what day exactly. I posted some new stuff on my (am I crazy? yes) 3 blogs, and so just send me a comment on one of them if you want to fast with me sometime. :) Hang in there, girl. You'll lose the weight soon enough.